Creating Instagram-Worthy Spaces

Oct 19, 2017

Experiences are meant to be shared. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has quickly become one of the fastest growing social media platforms, allowing its users to do just that—share. With over 800 million active users, Instagram creates a place where spaces, people, food, art, and everything in-between can be virtually shared to tell a story that provokes a specific feeling or emotion to a user’s audience. And more and more retailers, museums, businesses, and sports stadiums are taking note. With an increasing number of consumers making purchasing decisions based on Instagram images, it’s a smart investment to think through share-worthy spaces. In fact, nearly three-quarters of Instagram users take action through visiting a website or store location after viewing an eye-catching post.

Dimensional Innovations is in the business of creating experiences and we have done it for hundreds of clients all over the world. Our designers are mindful of social media trends and take into consideration how the spaces we design not only create experiences in person, but how those experiences will extend into the social media world as well.

“If something creates an emotion, we connect personally with that piece. Instagram is a reflection of emotive connections that we have through images, that we want others to experience.”- Jay Livingston, DI Designer.

Trying to grab the attention of Instagram followers and their likes is no easy feat. Users are now taking the time to consider design, filters and the purpose of each of their posts—all in an effort to stand out against millions of other posts and advertisements. The time they take to curate their feed not only tells a story but all comes with likes and re-shares in mind.

DI designs thoughtful ‘wow’ moments to define the space in order to tell a brand story. And by making these moments Instagram-worthy, our clients can see their investment organically reach new audiences.

“Designing spaces at varying levels of perception is key. If you can deliver something unexpected at each level of perception, that is something worth being captured.”- Jay Livingston, DI designer.

Here are seven, one-of-a-kind elements and spaces we designed and fabricated that we think are Instagram-worthy: