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At DI, we take innovation seriously. Some companies may claim to be innovative, but we walk the walk. Our Innovation Lab not only researches new products and experiential design approaches, but also builds, tests and re-tests those ideas. They’re fondly referred to as “The Lab” and they push the limits (and try some crazy things) every single day.

Here’s a collection of some of the most interesting/inspiring/just-plain-cool things they’ve seen recently.


WHEN THE MUSEUM of Ice Cream opened in New York in 2016, it was more a temporary curiosity than a rival to, say, the Whitney Museum of American Art, which stood just across the street. The walls were painted a soft shade of millennial pink. In one room, ice cream cones hung like pendant lights. There was a giant ice cream sandwich swing. And a sprinkle pool. Even the museum’s co-founders, Maryellis Bunn and Manish Vora, often wore some shade of bubblegum pink around the museum as if they, too, were on display.

One year and three cities later, the Museum of Ice Cream has graduated to cult status on Instagram. More than 241,000 people follow its page, and countless more have posted their own photos from within the space. (Instagram doesn’t show how many photos have been posted at a particular geotag, but there are over 66,000 images with the #museumoficecream hashtag.)

Bunn denies that Instagram played a significant role in how she shaped the museum. “I don’t think that social is what is driving what the Museum of Ice Cream does,” she says. Yet it’s hard to walk through the space and imagine it as anything but a series of Instagram backdrops. One room in the San Francisco space is filled with giant cherries and marshmallow clouds; in LA, there’s a room with strings of pink and yellow bananas strewn from the ceiling. Visitors are allotted about 90 minutes to explore the museum, but it’s hard to imagine what you’d do during that time if you weren’t taking photos…

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Project Feature

Noodle Delirium

Kassel, Germany

A playful public space intervention created by Les Astronautes, a Canadian group of young designers working with space. Made entirely of pink and orange pool noodles placed on a narrow alley between grey buildings, the installation is bursting with color and live reminiscent of an aquatic microcosm, it invites passersby to explore the otherwise forgotten space. The designers have managed to transform a dark underused alley into an ephemeral space using a single object as common as the floating noodle.
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