Telling Your Company’s StoryHistory + award displays that activate, inform, and entertain.

November 29, 2017

Visitors, potential employees, and current employees want to feel like they really know the company—where it’s been, where it’s going, and the core values that built it. When employees feel as if their company is working towards goals that align with their own, significant improvement in work can be seen. IBM’s Employee Experience Index found that 80% of employees felt more engaged when their work was consistent with the core values and mission of their organization. As trends of “valuing transparency” are on the rise in the corporate sphere, it’s even more important for companies to create a space that displays their history and values.

Having history and award displays worked into the structure is not only an informative activation of space, but also one that really radiates the brand. Beyond just a simple wall graphic, here are some of the ways DI helped companies create an experience using their own past and present.

Hy-Vee, Inc. Corporate Headquarters

When renovating and expanding their conference center inside their headquarters, Hy-Vee (one of the largest supermarket chains in the Midwest) wanted to share their journey as a company—including history, awards, and recognizing long-time employees and company leaders. “The opening of this conference center not only is a result of our past successes, but it’s a symbol of the growth that lies ahead for Hy-Vee.” said Sheila Laing, Hy-Vee’s Executive VP of Government/Industry Relations and CCO. DI created a tech-heavy space with 20 motion-activated touch screens, six 360-degree NanoLumen screens, and an interactive wall.

Using Hy-Vee’s bright color palette and some creative design ideas, we designed a space that encourages guests to walk around and learn about the company in an exciting, novel way…showing how the company is looking forward while never forgetting its roots as an employee-owned grocery store.

JC Hendricks, Vice President + Executive Creative Director Interactive & Technology

Boulevard Brewery

The tour and recreation area at the Boulevard Brewery is packed with interactive, educational displays showing the history of beer and how it’s made. Artifacts can be found throughout the lobby area that specifically tie in to Kansas City’s history in brewing. The exhibits are fun, educational, and create a sense of discovery for visitors.

Pro-Athlete, Inc. Corporate Office

For Pro Athlete, Inc., an e-commerce company focused on baseball, DI designed a lobby that showcased their company history while also creating an experience for their dedicated employees. The lobby includes of entry wall graphics, flat cut outs, six free-standing display cases, a timeline wall, a hall of fame, and a scoreboard display.

These experiences are not only built for visitors who are brand new to the company—offering them an opportunity to really learn about where they are, but also for the employees walking the halls from 9 to 5. These spaces create a sense of belonging to a team that spans years beyond their time there. These award and history displays are just a small part of the whole experience that DI brings to life for companies large and small.

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