March 24, 2017

The eSports industry is quickly picking up in popularity. In fact, some reports are estimating that there are currently 200 million fans worldwide.  It’s big business too, with an estimated revenue of $1 billion by 2019. And colleges are noticing. Many are now treating eSports athletes like traditional collegiate athletes by offering valuable scholarships and providing custom gaming facilities.
Dimensional Innovations was proud to work with Columbia College to create their eSports Game Hut last year. (In fact, our work was even shown in a recent Sports Illustrated article.)

Of the more than 4,700 colleges across America, Columbia College was only the fifth school to offer scholarships to “League of Legends” players. The 2016-17 school year is the first year of their participation.

Columbia College’s Game Hut space opened during the summer of 2016, and features numerous gaming systems and flat screen TVs for students and faculty to use during open times.

The space was completely renovated from a small soccer locker room into a cutting-edge, futuristic environment complete with the latest technology. Dimensional Innovations was responsible for the interior design, custom lighting elements that stretch across the ceiling and graphics and signage. Like any athletes, having a well-designed space to practice and compete in can make a huge difference.

“eSports aren’t the future,” according to Columbia College President Dr. Scott Dalrymple. “They’re the present. True skill at video gaming is just as impressive — and just as legitimate — as excellence in traditional sports.”

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