Wall-to-Wall Transformation.5 Walls that Create Space, Feeling, and Brand.

November 3, 2017

Never underestimate the power of a good wall. With the right graphics a wall can transform a space and ignite a brand. A team can be inspired by the legacy they’re a part of, or a child can feel braver walking into the doctor’s office. Wall graphics may seem simple, but they can be integral to the environmental design process, not to mention a cost-effective solution. Check out some the awesome ways DI helped clients transform their spaces with the assistance of some really cool walls.

Dentistry for Children

While paired with interactive and sculptural elements, the wall graphics throughout the Dentistry for Children are a real wow-factor. These under-the-sea themed graphics make a trip to the dentist less scary and more sea-side adventure. Visions of fish, divers, and coral can be found in the waiting room, lining hallways, and in each dentist’s office.  View

AMC Headquarters

Graphics around the AMC Headquarters connect employees to the company’s history and all viewers to the love of the cinema.  One wall features a comprehensive timeline of AMC’s evolution while other walls show iconic scenes from some of the world’s most memorable films. (Partner: HOK)

Big Ten Headquarters

Wall graphics throughout the Big Ten Headquarters help emphasize the athletic history involved with the conference. Wall graphics in the dining area ignite the feelings of excitement while watching a game. Bold typography throughout the building brings all the teams in the conference together with their game chants and lists all the sports played.


Wall graphics in the VisitKC office uses the non-profit’s logo to make a huge, bold statement. The clean, bright design gives the space a real “wow”-factor and also gives the viewer a strong sense of location. The impressive size of the graphic can be seen through the first and second story windows from the outside, enticing those walking on the sidewalk to come in and investigate. (Partners on this project: Willoughby Design and KEM Studio)

Minnesota Timberwolves + Lynx, Courts at Mayo Clinic Square

The practice facility for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx is also home to the administrative office. A variety of graphics coat the walls of the Mayo Clinic building—everything from bold, blue imagery of players to minimal, spot-gloss designs. No matter where you are in the building, you can feel a strong sense of pride in the Timberwolves + Lynx brand.

Each of these examples transformed what could have otherwise been a dull, sterile space into something with real impact…

Whether they are dynamic and fun or simple and understated, wall graphics should be part of the story. They should make you feel something and be part of the overall aesthetic. They should seamlessly work into the space. If they feel like an afterthought, we've failed.

Rick Smith, Executive Creative Director at Dimensional Innovations

While the wall graphics individually are impressive, when combined with other features offered by DI—interactive touchscreens, dimensional installations, gamified exhibits—your space can become one that visitors want to keep coming back to. Wall graphics are just one part to a whole, amazing experience.