Creating better access to banking is how we make managing finances an easy and accessible process for diverse populations. For Academy Bank, that didn’t just mean increasing branch presence across the metro area, but rather finding a solution that created a no-contact, easy-installation solution for transactions.

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The Academy Express locations offer access, from a car, to a live video banker to help with a variety of basic transactions. The stations were created in collaboration with Generator Studio for a simple, sleek design that could be installed in a variety of locations for greater accessibility. While this solution provides not only a low-cost option to opening a full branch, it allows stakeholders to analyze where the majority of their patrons live and provide them with a banking solution close to home.


In order to create opportunities for customers to feel like they have control of their financial future, we need to make banking more accessible. By creating a minimal-contact, multi-location solution, Academy Bank shifting their approach to customer support and using these new facilities to empower their clients.

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