Alamo Drafthouse


Well before The Force Awakens premiered in December 2015, the owners of the brand-new, not-yet-under-construction Alamo Drafthouse cinema in Omaha, Nebraska already had a plan – they wanted an amazing theater lobby that would look like it came out of the original Star Wars trilogy in time for their opening.

At this movie theater, you’ll find sixteen-foot-tall, LED-lit lightsabers on the exterior, a space station-inspired concession stand, and Imperial-style light panels and directory signage throughout its silver-black-and-gray corridors.

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However you’re really going to notice the giant, ten-foot-diameter iconic Death Star space station hanging overhead in the center of the main lobby. And off to its right is a faithful recreation of villain Emperor Palpatine’s throne that acts as a photo op and a control for the “firing” of the operational-yet-non-dangerous “miniature” Death Star.

According to Tyler Calabrese of the Alamo Drafthouse, they wanted to employ a theme for their new complex built around an iconic film that could immerse guests.

Thanks to our architectural partners, ELEVATIONarchitects, and general contracting partners, NCB, for their seamless collaboration and enthusiasm to push boundaries.