AMC Mainstreet Theatre

Experience Refresh

Working closely with AMC Theatres, Dimensional Innovations designed and built many components throughout this historic theatre.

The scope of the project included the creation of interior and exterior signage and wayfinding, extensive large format graphics, concessions, a multitude of custom lighting applications, and various other custom fabrications.

A flagship theatre for the chain, AMC rolled out exclusive, brand-new concepts to consumers in this location. From custom high-finishes of routed Plexiglas with edge-lit tailored lighting effects to custom sculpted chandeliers and innovative shadow-box concession presentations to distinctive environmental graphics, this theatre exudes class and style.

Most notably, AMC Mainstreet unveiled a new experience for moviegoers: AMC’s Cinema Suites. An exclusive, upscale dinner-and-movie experience inside its theatres, Cinema Suites is designed to bring crowds in for an entire evening, not just a show.

Dimensional Innovations was integral in innovating the design and fabricating the custom tray table components that not only facilitate storage and menu lighting, but essential service features: call buttons for servers and the actual tray for dining.