Maximizing the use of your arena space is critical when it comes to creating an incredible fan experience.

The San Antonio Spurs came to us with a challenge: What high-tech and innovative activation can we add to the AT&T Center that will connect fans of all ages and demographics to our team? And how do we make this experience something they can’t get anywhere else? It was then up to our team of experts to find the right solution that fit in both the time frame and budget we were presented with.

Technology +

The installation needed to be large, content-versatile, continuously engaging and have a shareable takeaway or photo opportunity to wrap. After rounds of space evaluation, concept sketches and reviews, we landed on “The Big Jump.”

How does it work? As fans approach “The Big Jump,” name and email are captured before participating in this unique, competitive jump contest, thus allowing for content and data capture. After selecting the level of game difficulty or competition mode to play against friends, they’re ready to begin.

Vertically oriented 85” x 24” display screens house fully customizable content that reacts to a user’s jump and measures it against competitors and professionals while GoPro cameras strategically mounted above the activation capture photos and high scores for the fans to take home.


The biggest success of this project came in utilizing a small space to create something fans wanted to share with their friends. From photos to videos, the Spurs were tagged in an overwhelming amount of Big Jump content. With traffic and utilization increasing in the space as well, this installation became an excellent example of how one small investment in technology that connects players to fans can have a big impact.

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