When it comes to environments, small details can make a big difference. And when it comes to the NBA, creating spaces that inspire excellence and team unity can make all the difference between the pre-season and making the playoffs. For the Brooklyn Nets, a new decade marked a new era — and it wasn’t just the team and location that got a refresh. Brining in Dimensional Innovations with Generator Studio (Architect), Shawmut Construction (General Contractor) and Shield (Locker Fabricator), the new locker room was officially up for an upgrade.

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In less than a 6 month timeline, Dimensional Innovations designed unique elements to make the space feel like it belonged to the players it served. Upon entering, you’re greeted by custom lockers with digital displays for each player, haloed by a shining Nets light installation to light the room. The refresh came alongside state-of-the-art resources and brings a new sense of energy to facilities.


When it comes to sustaining franchise momentum and attracting new talent, the facilities you have are the first place to start. Already, players, staff and fans are raving about the brand new locker room. Said Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News, “It’s the little things like this that matter. Players spend so much of their time in and around their practice facilities. You want players to feel and play like royalty? Make their stomping grounds look like a shrine.”

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