Interactive Retail Experience

Dimensional Innovations partnered with Cabela’s—a large retail store focused on hunting, fishing, camping, and outdoor gear—for the opening of their two newest locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. With the new locations having significantly smaller square footage, Cabela’s needed a retail-focused solution that would still be high impact, all without taking up valuable floor real-estate.

DI outfitted each store with three interactive “Trailhead” kiosks—one Trailhead per section: Camping, Hunting, and Fishing—and three Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to pair with the kiosks. In an effort to better assist every customer, these Trailheads would enable every store associate to be an expert on the products and outdoor activities involved.

All three Trailheads feature shared content, including an interactive map with local hunting/fishing/hiking/camping locations and a “Brag Board” showcasing local social media posts. Along with these shared items, each Trailhead also has content unique to each section of the store. All content can be viewed either on the 75-inch touch screen kiosk or through the virtual reality headset.

It's an experience. It's not just something where you come in and you shop. You can come in and experience the outdoors and learn about the outdoors and have fun here."

Cabela’s Communications Specialist, Nathan Borowski


The Camping Trailhead enables customers to sort, filter, and select tents available at Cabela’s. Once selected, customers are then able to view 360-degree photos of the inside of the tent, giving them a sense of what it’s like to be inside the tent. Hotspots appear on each of the products inside the tent; when clicked, more information about the product appears.

DI assembled each of the tents, staged the product inside, and shot all of the 360-footage for the Trailhead. More than 30 tents were erected and shot.


The Hunting Trailhead shows the insides of different hunting blinds in 360-degree. Inside each blind, a rifle and a shotgun are staged with hotspots on each. Select a hotspot and the Trailhead opens a hunting game that can be played out of the blind. Customers have the option to “hunt” deer or turkey. At the end of the game, players are given a score showing how they did.

DI staged and shot all of the footage for the 360-degree viewing of the hunting blinds. Also, all of the visuals and development for the hunting came was done by the DI team.


Tents + Hunting Blinds Rendered

10+ lbs

Bass caught while on-location


Trailheads + VR Headsets per store


unique products featured


The Fishing Trailhead has the largest amount of unique content. Customers are able to virtually go on a fishing trip with the 2017 Angler of the Year, Brandon Palaniuk, and watch him catch a 10+ lbs. bass. Video footage also includes graphic overlays that feed information like where on the lake they are, the speed of the boat, and more. Customers can explore his boat via 360-degree footage and learn more about the equipment he uses through digital hotspots. This Trailhead also includes “Pro-tips” for both beginners and advanced fishermen.

DI shot all footage of Palaniuk’s boat and also accompanied him on his fishing trip to capture footage of him in action.