When it comes to combatting a long wait at the doctor’s office, healthcare professionals are constantly searching for ways to improve the experience for both patients and their families. With a blank canvas on the first and second floor lobbies, Cleveland Clinic Children’s came to Dimensional Innovations with a challenge to develop a new interactive waiting experience. While helping to pass the time, the installation also needed to remain flexible enough once called in for their appointment, patients would not feel they were missing out on an exciting ending.

Technology +

To address all criteria, the DI team developed an interactive motion wall that responds to slow movements — with arms and legs, users blend together blue, red, and yellow colors as if mixing paint or pouring colors into water. Partnering with well-known Danish artist, Per Arnoldi, designs were developed to match the color specifications of his additional signage and way-finding work throughout the new building.

Using gesture-tracking technology and high-end Barco displays, the colors remains vivid — even with natural light — and allow for a highly-engaging interactive experience without the need for physical touch, thus minimizing the potential spread of infections.


In addition to helping pass the time, the wall was intentionally designed to slow children down and encourage them to make controlled, thoughtful movements — keeping the space peaceful and minimizing over-stimulation. Healthcare professionals, patients and their families have been able to utilize the space to make the pathway to recovery a better experience with reduced pain, a welcome distraction and creative outlet. The construction manager for Cleveland Clinic Children’s was Turner Construction, and the architect was HKS Architects.

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