Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) wanted to visually showcase their brand story throughout their new corporate world headquarters located in Kansas City, Kansas. In partnership with the architects at HOK, Dimensional Innovations helped pay homage to a rich history of farming, while also sharing a vision for future growth.

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Partnering with the building architect, we designed and fabricated unique elements and signage within the visually stunning office, including a dramatic 29-foot-tall milk sculpture in the lobby that resembles milk being poured from the ceiling to the floor.

The idea was all about the “Story of Milk.” With milk tying every- thing together, white is a key color used throughout the space, with custom wall textures that feature casts of milk-related tools. One wall uses reclaimed wood from a former red barn in nearby Lawson, Missouri, giving authenticity to the colors and textures. There’s a wall of acrylic bubbles to represent milk foam, and another that recalls grass all in an effort to depict the farm-to-table journey that any dairy farmer would easily recognize.


The space connects people to place through the use of familiar textures, relatable images, and everyday objects that resonate with both employees and visitors either through personal experience, emotion, or memory. The “legibility” of the office can be found in the ability to see and find others, understanding the layout of the space, and the degree to which workspaces and furnishings convey their intended use. Employees feel inspired and proud of their surrounding environment and visitors are impressed by the overall space and surprised and delighted by the unexpected design moments.

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