How do you help a historic tax company transition from comfort in their foundation to pushing toward the future of a vibrant, consumer-facing brand? H&R Block enlisted our team’s help to redesign their headquarter lobby—trafficked by 20,000 visitors a day—as an exciting environment for growth, innovation and human connection.

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Our design team worked with top level stakeholders at H&R Block to develop a unifying approach of connecting with employees through the brand mark, the historic green cube, in a warm and inviting vernacular. Blurring the lines between traditional corporate branding and immersive, larger-than-life elements, lighting and textures, the design enveloped the entire lobby floor, and extended into a path utilized by all employees and pedestrians.


With approximately 11,000 retail tax offices and campaigns that are instantly recognized nation-wide, the redesign of H&R Block’s corporate lobby emphasizes the company’s presence as a Kansas City-based franchise. The new space visually illustrates their commitment to innovation to employees, potential talent and customers alike.

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