Kansas City Royals

Hall of Fame

Dimensional Innovations is located in greater Kansas City, so naturally many of our employees grew up cheering for the Royals. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like working on a project for the hometown team – especially when they’re World Champions. Thankfully the feeling has been mutual and we’ve been able to partner with the Royals franchise since 2006.

DI worked on many of the Royals hall of fame exhibits, including the impressive ash wood wall with engraved headlines from Kansas City newspapers dating back to 1884, a 4-foot diameter cut-away baseball, and an exhibit that explores the evolution of baseball bats and gloves. We also fabricated the huge #5 made out of 3,154 major league baseballs that represent each of George Brett’s hits in the shape of his retired number.

Following the Word Series win in 2015, DI helped the Royals share the victory by designing and fabricating several new exhibit cases, including a case that makes it much easier to access the World Series trophy.