Kansas City Zoo

Wayfinding + Sculptures

Kansas City Zoo Wayfinding

Dimensional Innovations’ design challenge for the Kansas City Zoo wayfinding package was to create additional signage that incorporated aspects of the current wayfinding and related to the architecture of the existing Deramus Building. The sign design solution ultimately involved a family of signs with varieties created from painted aluminum, vinyl, roughhewn cedar and steel base plates.

Kansas City Zoo Discovery Barn

Working with the PGAV Architects and the KC Zoo staff, Dimensional Innovations helped develop engaging activities for children that would be fun and educational on a fixed budget.

The final concept provided children an opportunity to emulate the animals in the exhibits. Featuring things such as a balancing log for the lemurs, a rope climb for the squirrel monkeys, a watch tower for the meerkats, and a slide that allowed children to glide down the back of a marine toad, kids learn a bit about each animal while playing.

The hands-on learning activities provided by the informative graphics and learning play elements, combine to create and engaging, educational experience.

“Our team at the Kansas City Zoo is thrilled with the new design of the interpretive elements of the Red Barn Discovery Zone and Promenade. The designs are creative, innovative and will achieve the objective of designing an engaging experience to a budget. We’re confident that our visitors will enjoy the new designs!” – Randy Wisthoff, Zoo Director

Kansas City Zoo Tropics

Dimensional Innovations worked with the Kansas City Zoo to design and build an interactive and engaging experience for their new Tropics Building. DI created a fictitious character, KC Joe, to lead children and their parents through a tropical adventure where they learn about flora and fauna through the use of games and didactics.

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