When it comes to capturing the attention and dollars of new audiences, earned media and social engagement have become some of the most valuable forms of currency a brand can utilize. Clicks, likes, shares and storytelling all contribute to creating brand “FOMO” — the fear of missing out on what YOU have to offer. In an effort to make their partnerships with sponsors more meaningful, Live Nation partnered with Dimensional Innovations to create shareable, post-able and memorable moments for their event attendees.

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By creating fully customizable, unique social activations, DI helped Live Nation’s sponsors engage audiences while maximizing the use of small spaces within the event area.

From musical instruments to billboards to marquee light installations, the pieces gave, “visitors something smaller scale to interact with,” said Rick Smith, Executive Creative Director at Dimensional Innovations. “What we designed is extremely successful in that it draws folks in and creates a digital memento to share with their friends—while making it very obvious where you were at the time.”

So successful, in fact, that event revenue increasing 6% year-to-date with sponsorship and advertising committed net revenue up a whopping 14%. Coming in with one of their highest quarters ever, Live Nation has quickly become an entertainment powerhouses to keep on your radar.


From rock to pop to local talent (with the bonus of great, cold beers), our sponsor and fan activations have been around some incredible music festivals. Creating a social-check-in system for events, fans everywhere posted photos in front of these unique activations to share with their friends and spread the word of Live Nation events.

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