How do you maintain momentum and bring innovation to a state fair that already has a rich history of tradition and excellence? In partnership with Dimensional Innovations, the Minnesota State Fair announced their investment in a series of brand new attractions that would bring life, technology and a little bit of history to the fairgrounds.

Technology +

Upon entering the North End of the fairground, visitors are now greeted with a custom-designed and fabricated 24-foot-tall corn stalk art installation celebrating the history and agriculture of Minnesota. Custom cut materials and branded lighting illuminate the structure as LED screens display content scrolling through wayfinding, facts, imagery and Minnesota trivia.

Just a few feet away, the “Minnesota State Fair” marquee glows above an 11-foot-tall structure providing shade and seating under a unique display of stories and first-hand accounts of Minnesota’s history.

And when all of it works together? The new elements serve both the purpose to be seen and be educational, all while feeling authentic to the state fair.


While sleek digital designs and integrated technology installations might make visitors pause and think, “this isn’t the normal state fair,” it was a risk that Jerry Hammer, CEO, was willing to make. And it’s already paying off. Instagram feeds filled quickly with corn stalk imagery, as audiences young and old enjoyed the towering, beautiful structure. The new elements brought life into the North End of the fair and set the bar for future activations.

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