Transit services are a fundamental asset to any metropolitan area—providing mobility to diverse populations, attracting talented employees to the city, reducing emissions and more. The Omaha Rapid Bus Transit (ORBT) system is the region’s biggest transit investment in decades, allowing passengers to navigate Omaha faster and easier.

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Created in partnership with Omaha Metro, Leo A. Daly and AECOM, Dimensional Innovations fabricated 24 station canopies and Pillar Signs (with more on the way in 2021) that span from Westroads to downtown Omaha along Dodge and Douglas. Where previously bus stops were no more than small shelters or benches on a patch of sidewalk or grass, the new ORBT stations are custom heated concrete platforms with large spacious canopies, lighting, emergency phones, security cameras, kiosks, and real time notifications for upcoming buses. Built on level, raised platforms for convenient docking and featuring ADA-compliant touchscreens, the new stations make city transit easier than ever for those with disabilities.

Despite many hurdles to overcome in the installation of this project—including flooding, harsh winters, and issues relating to COVID-19—the first BRT in Omaha is a success. By investing in more accessible, more efficient transit, Omaha has made a long-term commitment to the needs of its citizens and connecting the region.

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