Orlando City Soccer Club

Stadium Sponsorship Activations

When Orlando City SC constructed their first new dedicated stadium, they brought DI in to energize the overall fan experience though sponsor activated spaces that seamlessly blend within the new space. DI created a comprehensive sponsorship master plan that included a theming and graphic storytelling approach that creates value for the team brand, as well as the sponsor brands. By working closely with both the team and sponsors, DI led the design, fabrication, and installation process.

DI worked on three areas of the stadium, including the Walt Disney World Gate, located on the southeast corner of the stadium; the Audi club space, a high-end, all-inclusive club located on the suite level; and the MetroPCS Corner in the southwest corner of the inner bowl, which has space dedicated for promotions.

Our fans’ experience in our stadium is at the core of everything we do throughout all phases of this project. We partnered with Dimensional Innovations because of their vast experience and ability to keep our fans and partners top of mind through the design process of these crucial areas for fans.

Rob Parker, VP of Corporate Partnerships, Orlando City SC

For Walt Disney World, the main sponsor, it was all about presence. A giant LED display atop stylized golden columns greets all fans at the main entrance, crowned with classics, Mickey and Minnie, in soccer attire. Custom-designed illuminated poster cases show current and coming movies and theme park attractions. Inside, a 30-foot texturized MLS-style scarf spans the seating area, showcasing Disney and Orlando City co-branding.

For MetroPCS, the focus was on their products and the fan experience. Luxury USB-enabled seats were designed for four lucky fans to win each game through social media and direct marketing campaigns. Phone charging ports and dynamic product display carts keep fans updated with new products, and keep mobile devices powered up without missing a play.

For Audi, it was about the club house experience. DI designed a first-class, yet casual, experience, including a custom light fixture that abstracted the Audi logo, and automotive carbon fiber wall coverings.

DI was pleased to work with the stadium architect, Populous, and ICON Venue Group, who worked as the owner’s representative for Orlando City SC.