Creating an arena that fosters an incredible fan experience is the culmination of smart corporate sponsorships, community-integrated strategies, diverse spaces and cohesive design. The Atlanta Hawks partnered with Dimensional Innovations to both design and fabricate strategic interior activations during the renovation of the State Farm Arena that made stepping into a basketball game an unforgettable experience for every fan.

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When it comes to navigating corporate sponsorship in professional sports, success now comes when we move beyond putting a vinyl sticker on a wall and instead create unique, brand-focused experiences that connect with the specific fan audiences. “The Hawks were taking a different strategy to sponsorship, and were going from…smaller relationships to a handful of big, significant and meaningful relationships,” said Justin Wood, Principal and Professional Sports Account Director for Dimensional Innovations. This shift allowed DI to hone in on Atlanta culture, and connect important aspects of their community to the brands that they partntered with. The arena was then filled with engaging, unique and hyper-targeted bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants that fans can visit during their time at State Farm Arena.


The concepts of “neighborhoods,” or thematic pockets in the arena, is now being widely accepted as the new normal among stadium design. A new generation of fans aren’t just looking for a game, they want to come away with the memories of a remarkable and diverse experience. And as for the Hawks? It’s already working. There’s a “new energy among fans” noted Wood, and it continues to grow as the new entertainment venue expands their sponsorship model.

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