The Arizona Museum of Natural History

Custom Dinosaur Fabrication

The love and fascination of dinosaurs spans all ages and groups. The Arizona Museum of Natural History plans to attract more visitors to their museum and downtown Mesa through appealing to this very fascination with the addition of an iconic, life-sized dinosaur—an Acrocanthosaurus, to be specific—sculpture “bursting out” of the upper levels of the museum.

The Acrocanthosaurus is a great photo opportunity for visitors to commemorate their time at the museum and share with friends and family on social media, creating buzz and an iconic landmark for the city.

“Far too often we hear that people didn’t realize that we had a natural history museum, or they didn’t consider visiting. This impressive structure will go a long way to correct that,” said Dr. Tom Wilson, Director of the Arizona Museum of Natural History

Dimensional Innovations’ creative team partnered with Staab Studios, an eclectic art studio with expertise in bringing prehistoric models to life, to create and install the sculpture.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History collected donations to contribute towards the creation of the sculpture in a “Free the Dinosaur” campaign, bringing together the downtown community and the City of Mesa. The life-size dinosaur will be one of the few sculptures in the world posed this way.

“The Arizona Museum of Natural History has played an important role in downtown Mesa for decades. It deserves an iconic feature that cements the museum’s status as a landmark for our city and I think this dinosaur is the perfect reflection of that,” said Chris Glover, Mesa Councilmember.

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