Creating a long-term plan for an athletic program’s success is all about the details: does every facet of your facility bleed school pride? Do student-athletes, coaches and staff feel like they belong to your organization the moment they walk into your door? The University of Florida Athletic Association enlisted the help of Dimensional Innovations in a long-term contract to help cohesively brand their athletic campus over time to ensure every building met and adhered to the “Gator Standard.”

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With locker rooms for both football and softball completed, the facilities have already started to feel like one cohesive unit. Taking into account even the smallest details—like the appropriate amount of Gator skin patterns or dominant colors in design— our teams worked on developing a guide by which spaces could be branded. And then got to work on bringing that guide to life.

“It’s a great thing, man,” Lamical Perine, Florida Gators football player, said. “Just happy to see this program increase so much, and that will help our recruiting as well. It’s a big step.”


“At the end of the day, what we’re doing is creating a consistent look and feel throughout facilities,” said Drew Berst, Practice Director for College Sports at Dimensional Innovations. Speaking to projects like this and their benefits, Berst also discussed the main reasons that our partners are talking about master facility (or brand) planning:

1. Program cohesion. With multiple programs on campus different histories and backgrounds, we have to find a way to let each coach share their story while still tying back to the university they’re a part of.

2. Smarter management and planning. Creating master brand plans opens the door to long-term results, instead of a typical recurring need-based proposal model. It ensures each project is under the right umbrella of guidelines and minimizes the need for re-do projects based on the natural evolution of programs.

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