How do you create a strategy for game day that addresses fan safety, while preserving the excitement and experience of a football season? Leveraging data from an extensive survey of sports fans and our experiential expertise, we collaborated with the University of Missouri Athletics to go above and beyond the established safety guidelines to create a game day system tailored directly to the fears and concerns of the end-user.

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Building on the insight from four fan sentiment surveys sent over a period five months, we developed an overview of critical initiates required to move the needle for in-person event attendance.

That report became the companion to a vulnerability matrix, or the formal measurement of the stadium’s high-risk areas, to dictate action. This comprehensive approach then produced a system of physical, process and messaging changes to prepare for game day, mapping the fan journey against a zoning and seating system to help maintain safety procedures and provide equal access to amenities.


Over five days, our DI team of six installed over 4,000 branded signs—a task that took each installer an average of 61, 150 steps. That’s not just going the extra mile: that’s going the extra 40.8 miles.

“We partnered with Dimensional Innovations because of their approach, capabilities and philosophy on fan experience,” shared Jim Sterk, Athletic Director at MU. “For Mizzou Athletics, what differentiated DI was its focus on understanding our fans’ concerns about the pandemic while creating a vision to preserve Memorial Stadium’s game-day experience. They understood that safety is a must, but solutions needed to be simple for fans to follow. Implementing their planning and zoning solutions allowed Mizzou to do exactly that, and it proved to be an outstanding partnership.”

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