Wake Forest Baseball

Player Development Center

Dimensional Innovations was proud to continue working with Wake Forest University inside their new baseball player development center that opened in early 2017. 

Built along the third-base line of the David F. Couch Ballpark, Wake Forest’s new 41,000-square foot home clubhouse is now complete with several amenities designed to build up current players and attract top recruits. Dimensional Innovations designed and built the new locker room space, including lockers dedicated to all the former Deacons who are now playing professionally, as well as a training room, equipment room, kitchen and player’s lounge.

Future phases will include a second-level featuring a video conference room, a team meeting room and coaches offices, as well as a Wake Forest baseball heritage area.

Head baseball coach, Tom Walter, commented on how the new player development center assists heavily with recruiting to win over high school stars who are impressed by the facilities and gear available.

“The problem today is kids have to make their decisions so early. When you’re 15-years-old, you’re not worried about academics. Your parents are, but you aren’t. So the things kids care about, they care about gear and they care about facilities. Those are the things that impress them,” said Walter.

It’s unbelievable what they’ve done. It’s breathtaking when people come in here and they see it, and they see what we’re a part of and how insane it is to be in this place.

Freshman player, Carter Bach

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