Design-assist + Fabrication

After almost two decades in their previous building near O’Hare International Airport, Wilson Sporting Goods moved their headquarters to downtown Chicago. The new 90,000-square-foot space in One Prudential Plaza spans two floors with an open staircase in the center. The space is broken up into “neighborhoods” that feature a variety of sports-focused theming, touching on many of the products Wilson has created in their 100+ year history. The textures and elements used through the building—everywhere from open, collaborative areas to individual conference rooms—enhances the brand and elevates the employee experience, encouraging them to move, work, play, and experiment.

Homage to Wilson’s mission of creating sports equipment that allows athletes everywhere to reach their true potential can be seen throughout the office. Images of athletes formed out of golf tees populate one wall; “Game On” is spelled out large scale in two-toned whistles on another. A floor-to-ceiling installation of layered sports equipment—tennis rackets, softballs, golf tees, and more—next to the open stairway and the neon Wilson logo paired with a huge, 3-D ‘W’ in the entrance are wow-moments that create landmarks within the space.

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Wilson also gives a nod to their 400 employees with a wall of personalized baseball cards, each card featuring a different employee. This way of calling out their “All Stars” gives employees a sense of pride in their team and increases the company’s likelihood of retaining their M.V.P.s.

Gensler, a major design and architecture firm, designed the new space and brought DI to the project in a design-assist and fabrication role.

Photo credits: Tom Harris, Michael Townsend (Gensler)