Colorado Mesa University Partnered with Dimensional Innovations to Improve Recruiting Experience through Branding and Interactive Technology

Press Release // October 22, 2018

GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO – Colorado Mesa University is raising the recruiting bar within NCAA Division II athletics by modernizing their tour and visitor experience in the Brownson Arena Lobby through the use of five interactive displays, as well as floor-to-ceiling graphics and branding that allows guests to explore the history of their student athletes.

Dimensional Innovations worked with Colorado Mesa University to celebrate their 29 varsity sports, as well as several club sports. The updated space allows visitors to connect with Mavericks pride on a new level through interactive touch touch-screen displays showing video clips, team information, statistics, and an interactive timeline that dates back to 1925.

In 2017, Colorado Mesa University announced plans to increase the student population from 11,000 to 15,000. The additions to Brownson Arena Lobby were supported by Colorado Mesa University President, Tim Foster, as an effort to share the storied history with current and potential students and athletes, and connect to the Grand Junction community as a whole.

“The pressure and competition to recruit not only student-athletes, but students in general, is being felt across colleges and universities,” said Drew Berst, Director of Collegiate Sports and Fan Experience Solutions for Dimensional Innovations.

Colorado Mesa University deserves so much credit for understanding how and why individuals make decisions - emotion. As a result, their solutions focus on engaging prospective students, athletes, fans and alumni through touch, sound and sight so the experience is far more memorable.

Drew Berst - Director of Collegiate Sports and Fan Experience

In addition to hosting basketball, volleyball, and wrestling, the Brownson Arena is also home to many high school tournaments and club tournaments as well as graduations, banquets, and concerts.

Dimensional Innovations has worked with multiple collegiate athletic programs and professional sports teams and stadiums to deliver a complete solution to environmental branding and technology integration. They have experience developing a holistic approach across all facilities, and are seeing more universities recognizing the value this brings to the entire campus.

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