New Plaza Near Wrigley Field Meets Demands of Chicago Cubs Fans with Planar and Leyard

Chicago Cubs fans waited 108 years between World Series championships, so it’s no surprise their fans were eager to buy every bit of merchandise commemorating the seven-game series after it ended in early November.

And, in a bit of unbeatable timing, the Cubs opened a new flagship store just outside Wrigley Field shortly after the elusive title had been captured in the fall. The store is part of an 8,400-square-foot retail space that opened just before the Cubs opened the 2017 season with a long-awaited World Series banner-raising and ring ceremony at their historic ballpark….

“With that installation, the Cubs’ top priority was an ultrathin bezel,” said Curtis Walker, technology director of Dimensional Innovations, which performed the integration of the displays at the team store.

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