SEGD Honor Award 2015: Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge

The city of Lincoln, Nebraska, is home to the nationally recognized University of Nebraska football team. To leverage the team’s popularity (and televised games) and create an iconic impression of the city, Mayor Chris Beutler embarked on an ambitious project to develop a pedestrian bridge in the city’s emerging Haymarket District to connect the new Pinnacle Bank Arena with a festival plaza and parking areas.

Dimensional Innovations was engaged early on by the project management team PC Sports to work directly with Mayor Beutler to develop the bridge.

From the team’s perspective, there were two ways to make the bridge “iconic.” The first (and most costly) was to focus on the structure itself. The second, more cost-effective approach was to build a simple structure and endow it with design elements that would give it the iconic look the Mayor was trying to achieve. The ultimate solution—driven both by budget and the need to free-span railroad tracks—was to build a simple, long-span, post-tensioned concrete bridge that could be the foundation for a unique way to celebrate the city of Lincoln.

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