More than Sports—10 Standout Stadium

We asked a range of sports and entertainment experiential graphic design experts within the SEGD community for their picks of the best stadium experiences across the globe. Several were quick to point out that a lot goes into great stadium experiences—it’s not just the team or the sport—it’s the feeling that the space imbues as well. “I think firstly it’s important to understand what make a great stadia experience,” says Simon Borg, associate principal at Populous. “It can’t always be put down to facilities, some of the most polished stadiums have a really dull atmosphere.”

Others discussed the challenges posed to designers. “Standout stadium and arena experiences engage fans, recruits, and audiences alike at multiple levels. The spaces must be intuitive with successful placemaking, as well as define, then transition between spaces while maintaining brand consistency. They must also transform over time and personalize appropriately,” explains Renée Malloy Ludlam, senior experience designer at Jack Porter. “They recognize the past, embracing nostalgia, but pave a path for future stories to unfold.”

Mercedes-Benz Stadium | Atlanta | HOK Sport, AMBFO, Dimensional Innovations, Daktronics

Mercedes-Benz Stadium made its much-anticipated debut in 2017. The new home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC is one of the most technologically advanced venues to date. It features an integrated LED digital canvas of uniquely-shaped displays containing more square footage than any other venue in the world.

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