Carole Hollman

Account Director
Carole’s combined skills and experience make her a powerful communicator, client liaison, group facilitator/moderator, conceptual thinker, content designer/developer, and team leader. Having spent 18+ years in a number of different creative and educational fields, she brings an added design mentality and the benefits of cross-industry experience to any endeavor. She has an extensive background across a wide range of fields, including: Museum and Exhibition Design; Software Design and Development; Healthcare and Healthcare Education/Certification; Professional and Continuing Education; and K-12 Educational Design.

Carole believes that clear and consistent communication on all levels—written, spoken, and visual—contributes to a successful team, project, product, or firm. Her skills and experience build and strengthen client and team relationships, enable successful projects, create trust, streamline processes, improve results, and provide a positive overall experience for all stakeholders. She has successfully coordinated large-scale exhibit and interpretive projects of national importance, such as: The Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas, TX (site of the JFK assassination); the Healing Gardens at Walter Reed Hospital; and the National Hurricane Museum and Science Center, Lake Charles, LA.