Grundy Thomson

Senior Interactive Systems Engineer
Grundy Thomson came to Dimensional Innovations with a range of experience, yet was still eager to learn and dedicated to the growth and success of the company. His enthusiasm and abilities have seen Grundy advance to the technology division in his three years with DI.

After studying sculpture at the University of Kansas, Grundy graduated from Johnson County Community College with a degree in metal fabrication technologies. He previously worked in various fabrication and installation roles, from masonry to metal recycling, before working for Dish Network, where he gained his technology and A/V experience.

His logical approach and people skills allow him to effectively communicated complex issues to clients and train them on the use of their technology installations. Outside of work, you’ll find Grundy in the dojo – he’s a fifth-degree black belt in jujitsu, third-degree black belt in both kobujitsu and laido, and first-degree black belt in karate. Perhaps the most impressive fact is that he’s been a certified instructor in jujitsu since he was 15 years old.