Lindsey Weber

Innovations Engineer
Leveraging 20 years of shop experience, Lindsey Weber brings the hands-on knowledge in operations and production to the Innovation Lab at Dimensional Innovations.

Lindsey has a gifted eye for design combined with the knowledge to build which makes him incredibly valuable for project collaboration. His talents include, but are not limited to, lighting, industrial design, product modeling, 3D printing, high-speed mockups and rapid prototyping.

His ability to utilize logic, problem-solving and creativity to find solutions to DI’s biggest challenges makes Lindsey a valuable asset to the team. In his time with DI he’s done everything from craft giant metal structures to help develop new products.

Recently married, Lindsey enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, two sons. The family also has two dogs, both purebred Boxers, the newest of which is a puppy still working on housetraining.