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Diversity + Inclusion

Diversity makes DI. Our success as a company is rooted in this team of individuals bringing their unique perspectives, skills and backgrounds to the conversation everyday. Solving our clients’ toughest creative problems means we can’t settle on just being in the room together. It’s on all of us to invite diverse input and consider the voices not in the room who could make the product and experience – for clients and employees – better.

DI’s commitment to innovation includes strengthening our future workforce as well. We actively explore ways to engage with internship programs, partnerships with local schools and universities and other organizations supporting inclusion efforts.



DI depends on diversity of ideas, skills and perspectives to solve the world’s toughest creative challenges, encouraging and amplifying every voice so we can create remarkable experiences for all.



Diversity Dialogue: Each month, Dimensional Innovations employees are invited to a discussion hosted by a variety of outside experts and influencers on topics relating to diversity, inclusion and equity. The rules? No limits and no criticism. We’re providing a safe opportunity for education and discussion, where everyone can have a voice.

Diversity Updates: Want something educational in your inbox? Members of the D+I committee put out monthly excerpts in the newsletter and weekly educational emails for DI colleagues to learn more about specific topics and how to improve the diversity and equity we have at DI.

Ongoing Events + Involvement: This year, we’ve been able to find new ways to partner with local organizations and further our mission on the D+I team. We’ve also gathered a lot of valuable feedback from our colleagues through our anonymous feedback boxes located at each of our offices. Insight, inspiration and questions can come from anywhere!


Have a question or concern for our team? Want to get to know us a little better? Have a collaboration in mind? Feel free to reach out to us via email at or by clicking the link below. We look forward to hearing from you. If you are a current DI employee, feel free to meet with one of our members in person at any time or drop a suggestion in the D+I suggestion box.

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