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Experience Design

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Brand Activation

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Innovation Lab

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Fueling the ideas of the future,

turning research and development into a reality.

At DI, we take innovation seriously. Some companies may claim to be innovative, but we walk the walk. Our Innovation Lab not only researches new products and experiential design approaches, but also builds, tests, and re-tests those ideas. They’re fondly referred to as “The Lab” and they push the limits (and try crazy things) every single day.

Dimensional Innovations team collaboration

Innovation with Your Clients in Mind

Always an advocate for the end-user, The Lab brings industrial design expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. Ideation, prototyping and, of course, the latest technology is at the core of what they do, all working together to enhance a user’s overall experience.

Innovation design development Structural design fabrication


employees working collaboratively to take your project from start to finish.


square feet of design + technology + build + innovation space.


years of creating remarkable experiences for our clients.


areas of expertise on one team from experience design to technology, fabrication and innovation.


Where Your Vision Meets Our Borderless Mindset

As our capabilities represent, our disciplines in scope can be everything from high-touch, custom technology software; exterior building signage; campus-wide wayfinding; large-scale artistic branding structures; graphic printing; or educational and historic exhibit displays. We are a company of diverse experts united as one team that has been working collaboratively for decades for clients of all disciplines around the globe. In the end, we strive to achieve one goal: To tell your brand story in an authentic, effective, and unique way to connect with your audience.

We have a borderless mindset that demands of us to do whatever it takes to create experiences our partners and their audiences have not even imagined yet. Interestingly, the future still relies on timeless skills from the past: storytelling, art, and craftsmanship. But, it is the way we apply and realize those skills that makes us unique.

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