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Fidgety for Phygital: Combining the Physical with Digital

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As we bid farewell to last year and hit the ground running in ‘21, the future looks bright for the entertainment and retail industries. Do you think there is an industry or group more excited to emerge from the pandemic than retail chains, movie theaters and guest service? As a collective whole, we’ve been stifled and our bottled-up, experiential energy is eager to get out and shine.

Envisioning New Environments

Now, take a moment to imagine what revisiting your favorite spaces will be like. Do you envision they’ll be different? Will that setting be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before? Well, if they’re not - they should be. And not in the sense of hand sanitizer, socially-distanced floor markers and masks on mannequins. Shoppers and experience-enthusiasts alike are craving a memorable, worthwhile experience more than ever. Gone are the days of the mundane, mediocre, high-traffic retail sales experience. Today’s generation, especially now, needs a reason to make the trip - whether for that selfie, “wow” factor or immersion into something new and unfamiliar. They need something to show off - a photo opp for Instagram or a backdrop for the latest dance trend on TikTok.

Virtual Ring Shopping Experience

Step Back and Reimagine

So, how do you reimagine your space? What sets you apart? Thinking of a mixed reality mirror for shoppers to try on clothes without having to enter a dressing room? Do it. How about an augmented reality experience for high-end jewelry and accessories? Do it. Or immersive VR that takes shoppers into the world while using your product?  Do it. Maybe you’re thinking of repurposing that empty space to draw in new audiences with a unique photo-op? Do it. Why? Because blending these digital experiences with your physical space are what will set you apart. The more incentive and appeal to make the trip will pay for itself quickly - and your customers will tell the world about it, and the world will want to experience it for themselves.

Digital Experience

As we re-emerge from this pandemic purgatory, understand that the phygital world is here to stay. A hybrid of the physical and digital helps fulfill our need for experience and while e-commerce, food delivery, online shopping and digital downloads are great, they lack a certain luster. So take a step back and think about your offerings and how to appeal to this generation with updated technology in a brave new world. Some predicted this is where we were headed in 5 years - we just had a worldwide catalyst that moved it ahead at breakneck speeds.

We’re all eager to see which brands adapt and make phenomenal digital experiences present in the physical world. Those are the brands that will be the highest revenue generators in 2025.  If you have great apparel, shoes, movies or games - we can help drive them into your space instead of purchasing on the web. Bring them in for the experience, then sell them the latest trends. Entice them with technology and then sell them popcorn and movies. This transition will happen quickly and our industries are fidgety for a phygital experience. Email us at to be part of the phygital movement.

Spencer Farley

Spencer Farley

Account Director

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