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In the News: Dimensional Innovations Creates Elaborate Design with Traditional Engineering

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At Dimensional Innovations, we pride ourselves on solving wicked problems with remarkable solutions—all with one team, under one roof. But what keeps the gears turning on big design and technology ideas? The answer is our extremely talented, collaborative team of engineers.

We recently had the pleasure of talking with Chris Fox at Engineers Rule on All Things DI—covering topics such as our work at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, the SOLIDWORKS "Grand Challenge," and how our engineers differ from those throughout the industry. Check out the article below:

DI Engineering

Designing Experiences

Dimensional Innovations is a company that defines itself as an organization that builds experiences. While that immediately sounds like a nondescript, Silicon Valley buzzword, it is wholly accurate. Jason Cornett, who is the engineering manager at DI, said, “We’re an experience design, build and technology firm, but I mean, really we design, build and innovate. We kind of do it all, and we do it all in-house.”

Unlike a machine tool building company or an organization that creates consumer products, DI has to approach engineering differently. They are responsible for building an experience for visitors to a variety of facilities. Whether that involves creating a more comfortable (and playable) environment for kids at a children’s hospital or developing the signage and entryway at a major stadium, their expertise is spread across an array, arguably all, disciplines of engineering...


The fun thing about DI is that [engineers] get to talk to the design team, the fabrication team and see a project through, from A-to-Z.

It's always a collaboration to build something unique."

Jason Cornett, Engineering Manager

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