Gift Shop + Hospital Theming

Dimensional Innovations’ relationship with Children’s Mercy Hospital has been on-going and evolving for many years.

Beginning with the design and installation of the iconic clocktower that sits outside of the downtown campus entrance, DI’s work has expanded to include many areas of the facility, as well as multiple locations.

At the interior of their multiple facilities are elements such as carved and painted kid friendly trees, cars, bears, and more.

The trick has always been to find a blend of fun and durability for these whimsical and highly used areas.

Children’s Mercy Hospital Gift Shop

Providing a ‘wow factor’ factor for visitors was the goal of this project for Children’s Mercy Hospital, located in Kansas City, MO. Dimensional Innovations was brought on by BRR Architects, HMN Architects, and Lytle Construction to engineer and fabricate the unique ceiling elements. DI used a combination of materials, including Shield Casework solid surface for the wall fins. No two pieces were alike, making the biggest challenge of this project the alignment of each piece.

Bringing a smile to the faces of all who enter, we believe this was a Mission: Accomplished.

Children’s Mercy South Hospital Hospital Mural

Contracted artist Missy McCoy painted the mural at a one-fourth scale and Dimensional Innovations photographed, enlarged and printed the mural on 3M™ ControlTac.

Children’s Mercy Hospital Waiting Room

Dimensional Innovations had a design-assist role with this project, working in collaboration with Children’s Mercy Hospital’s in-house artist.

The tree and cave are hand carved by our sculptors and are fabricated with Duracoat™.