Helzberg Diamonds —national retail jewelry chain with a history of high-quality selection and service— knew that in order to appeal to a new, younger audience, they needed to update their in-store experience. Bringing on the DI team to integrate seamless technology into the sales process was the beginning of a partnership that ended in a one-of-a-kind experience for customers in search of the perfect diamond.

Technology +

Using augmented reality (AR) technology, The Helzberg Virtual Ring Experience invites guests to virtually “try on” over 100 ring styles in multiple viewing angles by placing their left hand on a custom designed palm rest with motion-tracking sensors. This technology is new to the jewelry industry, and pushes the limitations of AR technology.

Requiring a fully custom and completely integrated solution, the development of this experience was challenging as the AR technology had be to refined to tightly “fit” the ring onto the user’s finger.Using rapid prototyping technology, the palm rest was then carefully modeled and tested to address ergonomics, while tracking AR data in real time.

We also enhanced Helzberg’s Diamond Room Experience, an inviting, interactive experience for first-time buyers, by leveraging new digital solutions for hardware and software. Customers can view their diamond magnified on a 24” 4K screen, which allows the sales associate to show them all of the unique features of their diamond more easily.


By creating a space where clients could interact with the jewelry on their own terms, before engaging a salesperson, naturally developed a better consumer journey on the path to “I do.” Once a piece is selected and they move to the Diamond Room, Bevi Kohannim — current Helzberg Diamonds associate — noted that, “customers love it because they haven’t seen anything like it.” The up-close and personal nature of the centrally located room not only creates a more relaxed, interpersonal experience but has become a huge catalyst in selecting the final diamond.

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