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American Century Investments

Dimensional Innovations Integrates Immersive Storytelling into American Century Investments' Global Headquarters

Augmented reality and digital interactives connect employees and visitors to the company's history, culture and philanthropic efforts from the past 65 years.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dimensional Innovations (DI) is proud to announce its collaboration with American Century Investments to integrate immersive storytelling elements into the $210 billion* investment firm's global corporate headquarters. Augmented reality, generative art, sculptural design, and built components create a tech-forward environment where American Century's employees, clients and visitors can explore the investment firm's compelling 65-year history through more than 25 touch points throughout the lobby scanned via smartphone application.

Upon entering, guests and employees are greeted by the American Century Investments Cultivation Wall — a 15-foot-tall, multi-dimensional, kinetic LED display commemorating employees, and highlighting custom messages to engage the community at large. Multiple interactive activations are woven throughout the lobby at various stations to help effectively tell the company's story with the use of augmented reality integration. Users can scan a QR code via smartphone and interact with the surrounding environment through personal and engaging technology.


American Century Investments


"American Century Investments is a bedrock of the global financial world, so we were thrilled to help establish a remarkable and interactive touchpoint that tells their story to anyone who visits their Kansas City headquarters," said Tucker Trotter, CEO, Dimensional Innovations. "Understanding a company's principles and vision is important, so each element provides foundational knowledge and tells their brand story in new and innovative ways to their team and clientele base."

"Helping people is what drives us and differentiates us, so we are constantly thinking ahead on how we can best serve clients and inspiring them with new ideas and solutions to build optimism and trust in a better future," said Jonathan Thomas, president and CEO of American Century. "As we celebrate our 65th anniversary, our new storytelling experience reflects our thriving culture, rooted in kindness, collaboration and a higher purpose."


American Century Investments American Century Investments American Century Investments


Another notable component to the lobby renovation is the engraved Stowers Art Wall, which highlights the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, the controlling owner of American Century Investments and a world-class biomedical research organization dedicated to better understanding human health and life-threatening diseases. The generative art display encourages visitors to learn how the unique ownership structure has sent nearly $2 billion of the investment firm's profits to the Stowers Institute and its groundbreaking research since 2000. Additionally, a captivating grand sculpture consisting of 34 rows of mirrored elements that shift, change, and reflect light honor the legacies of American Century and Stowers Institute founders James and Virginia Stowers.

The compelling new elements and redesign were unveiled to coincide with the firm's 65th anniversary. American Century Investments aims to foster a strong sense of community, warmth and trust by way of intricate design that will help illustrate the brand's rich history while simultaneously illustrating their forward-thinking capabilities. To learn more about the project and each element, visit Dimensional Innovations' website/project page.

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