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Dimensional Innovations Releases Virtual Meeting Platform

Immersive environments, interactive branded content differentiate from other hybrid solutions

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Kansas City, MO (April 27, 2021) - Dimensional Innovations (DI) announces the launch of its interactive, experience-driven meeting and briefing platform called Dimensional Innovations’ Virtual Experience, or DIVE. Blending a physical and digital environment, this immersive video conferencing tool helps businesses engage their audiences and effectively relay their brand’s story through customizable content, 360-degree environments, robust storytelling features and modern video playback capabilities.    

As virtual meetings have become critical for conducting business and user engagement continues to evolve, DIVE provides a more personal, intimate experience for attendees. Web-based with no software to download, DIVE allows meeting participants to co-pilot a presentation and engage in self-guided and facilitator-led experiences within 3D and panoramic environments. Integrated video conferencing features utilize interactive touchpoints to provide deeper insight into an organizational story, while a user-friendly content management system (CMS) makes for simplified, branded content creation. 

“DIVE is an easy-to-use, turnkey solution for businesses hoping to connect with prospects, existing customers, employees and more,” said Tucker Trotter, CEO, Dimensional Innovations. “As the pandemic has shown us, virtual briefings and meeting centers are more important than ever before. At DI, we want those interactions to be meaningful and impactful, more so than any other platform on the market. DIVE is the future of hybrid and virtual experiences. ”

DIVE showcases a virtual environment where personalized, in-depth stories can be told to the audience. Customizable subject matter, interactive data points and full-screen video help bring that corporate brand to life, while versatile chat functions and a consistent method of content delivery provide the ability to engage and connect.

“Businesses are seeking methods to connect and engage with their audiences while leaving them with a memorable, worthwhile experience,” said Michele Vance, Chief Client Officer, Dimensional Innovations. “DIVE not only immerses individuals, it allows for stories to be told in a dynamic way - providing the type of experience normally found in-person.”

To learn more about DIVE, visit Online demonstrations are available upon request. For additional information or to schedule a learning session, please contact

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