25 November 2019

An Inside Look at USNA’s Ron Terwilliger Center for Student-Athletes

With the large $20 million dollar project underway, fly-through renderings of the Ron Terwilliger Center for Student-Athletes have been released to the public, courtesy of USNA and Dimensional Innovations. The new facility will become an impressive display of storytelling and technology, educating prospective students on the history, legacy and opportunities of the Naval Academy.

“As simplistic as it sounds, this all started with the vision that one of the most beautiful opportunities to create a facility was overtop the weight room. That space was calling for something of significance,” Chet Gladchuk, athletic director, said. “Over time, the concept was born about sharing the story regarding the importance of the physical mission of the Naval Academy.”

The combination of multimedia, artifacts and information coupled with state-of-the-art athletic facility equipment will set the standard for future universities and colleges across the United States.

To learn more about this project, contact Drew Berst (, Practice Director of Collegiate Sports at DI.

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