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In the modern era, the sports industry is staring at tougher competition than ever before. But just when it seems like attendance might trend downward, somebody in our business finds the right magic and captivates audiences to come and experience again what they have to offer.

To understand what key factors make a winning combination, Dimensional Innovations interviewed 20 of the most influential people in North American professional sports, compiling the insightful and candid themes from those conversations in this article.

The New Normal

As soon as fans arrive at the venue, a second competition begins – the one for their attention spans. Our interviewees generally agreed that we have permanently moved into a new era for how fans participate in live sports.

Yes, they seek additional experiences. Yes, they’re on their mobile devices. And beyond that, they don’t want to physically stay in their seats.

Not surprisingly for millennial fans, this pattern of creating social-focused experiences and moving from place to place closely mirrors their online behaviors. Based on this information, the key question becomes: How do we tap into this cultural shift with its new motivation and energy?

Identifying key revenue boosting opportunities is a smart place to start. What sports executives now look for in a venue is a compelling reason to make people want to travel. We want circulation because it increases the chances guests make additional purchases.

Across the board, in new and renovated venues, fans report enjoyable experiences much more where teams have invested in different zones with different appeal, which is crucial in getting the repeat visit.

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