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Residence Halls & Student Housing

Student housing and residence halls are no longer just a place for your students to live while they attend college. They provide a functional learning environment for students to network, connect with your campus, and build their community. Build a home away from home with the residence hall construction experts at Dimensional Innovations.


Our team understands the role that residence halls have on student success and how effective they are as a recruitment tool. When you work with Dimensional Innovations, you get the professional insight needed to get the most out of your student housing. Our designs boost your campus’s history and brand to increase their school pride. Our goal with any student housing construction project is to give your students the best experience on campus.

Student Housing Planning and Design

Whether you need to renovate outdated dorms or add a state-of-the-art residence hall to your campus, the experts at Dimensional Innovations can make it possible.

With residence halls and student housing, we work with you to understand your goals for the project as well as the needs of your students. Recreation facilities, dining halls, and even open-concept study areas all benefit your students, providing a space to engage more with your campus and build school spirit. When you partner with Dimensional Innovations, we get to know your campus, traditions, and history. We know the importance of campus traditions and history, and our team works to exemplify those in our student housing projects.

Amaze your students with updated residence halls created by Dimensional Innovations! Colleges across the nation are seeing stiff competition with affordable and modern off-campus housing. Giving your dorms a much-needed facelift can keep students living on campus longer.

At the University of North Carolina, our team of experienced construction design professionals added bold new branding to all 31 of their residence halls to excite their students and build school spirit. Our team seeks to understand your goals and vision to provide you with advanced solutions that work within your budget.

Our innovative designs and layouts make your student housing project the heart of your campus with as few interruptions to your faculty, students, and campus activities as possible. With our Innovation Lab, our multidisciplinary construction experts prototype and test new ideas to push the envelope of construction design. Using the latest technology, the team at Dimensional Innovations provides you with never-before-seen designs and transparency throughout the entire construction process. 

When you work with Dimensional Innovations on your student housing construction project, you know you’re getting the expertise needed to make it a success from day one. Our team is there from the very beginning to guide both design and construction planning. We see your project through to the end and provide you with regular updates on our progress.

Dimensional Innovations understands your unique campus and goals to make your student’s living experience the best it can be. To learn more, check out our portfolio of residence hall construction projects. Contact Dimensional Innovations today to get started!

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Get In Touch With Our Experts

Every big opportunity starts with a small step forward. We're here to help you! Let’s jump on the phone, say hello and discuss your need, idea or project in a quick 15-minute FIT call. Prefer email? That's cool, too! Drop us a line - we're always happy to connect.



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