In college towns across the country, luxury off-campus apartments are giving on-campus student housing a run for the money. It’s a growing trend that has established colleges and universities taking note. Some are taking action, investing in aging residence halls by remodeling interiors, updating brands and constructing new buildings. Their result? A rise in the percentage of on-campus housing, on-campus spending and an overall increase in school pride.

Our experience in student life design/build remodel projects can help you battle the trend, too. From updating existing residence halls (like we did for The University of North Carolina), to remodeling student rec centers and dining halls, to designing cool, engaging spaces within a new building, we approach every project by first evaluating your individual needs, goals and campus culture. Then, we get to work.

Potential students are drawn to the overall experience.


  • Residence Halls
  • Student Union
  • Interactive School Directory
  • Alumni + Visitor Center
  • Recreation Facility
  • Wayfinding + Signage

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