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Interactive Coloring Wall


This made my heart so, so happy.

The nurse in me wanted to thank DI for representing the kids in my community so well.

Danika Meyer, Epic Applications Analyst, Sr. | Digital Experience, Cook Children’s

A classic pastime reimagined. Our interactive coloring wall is a hygienic, multi-user, touchless visitor engagement system. Using gesture-tracking technology, it offers a simple yet positive distraction to allow for a joyful, gratifying engagement for kids and adults alike. 

Great for hospital waiting rooms, entertainment and retail spaces, technology bars, or a wide variety of other possible use cases, the opportunities for this technology are endless. Multiple users can “color” at the same time, moving their hands across customizable scenes to fill in the black and white outlines. Users can safely engage without the need for touch—making cleaning efforts a breeze.

Engage your visitors with a fun, clean and rewarding experience while reinforcing your brand story. 




Dimensional Innovations teamed up with CHOC to create an engaging and fun digital addition to the newly opened CHOC Heart Institute. Located inside the main lobby entrance, the interactive coloring wall offers children a positive distraction while they wait for their appointment. As artists wave their hands in front of the screen, color fills the displays through motion tracking technology. The backgrounds include animations and illustrations custom to CHOC, even featuring their beloved mascot, Choco Bear.

Our team worked with CHOC to ensure the interactive coloring wall was entertaining and easy to use but not overly gamified to ensure kids can quickly step away when it’s time for their appointment. The screen is also multi-functional, allowing staff to display announcements or upcoming events when necessary.


In addition to the interactive coloring wall, screens can be used for other operational needs such as important announcements or upcoming events.


Case Study: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Dimensional Innovations partnered with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to create various digital interactives on the first floor of their newly constructed North Tower to honor donors and provide positive distractions and interactive technologies to the children and families receiving care.

Located directly next to the welcome desk is a larger-than-life “Magic Story Book” that has an interactive coloring experience. A comic book-style layout depicts various scenes from Wisconsin life and has cutout panels for two digital screens. These two monitors feature black and white coloring book pages that visitors color with motion tracking technology. Once an image becomes fully colored, it automatically transitions to a new black and white image, and the coloring can continue, making for the perfect hospital distraction.


Users have the opportunity to select from a multitude of background options. 5-10 images can be uploaded to the wall.


Case Study: Camp Cinemark

This child-friendly auditorium, known as Camp Cinemark, is one of Cinemark’s latest offerings. Outside of the auditorium itself is the “Coloring Zone,” a place for children to play and burn off energy before the show starts. The real attraction is an entire wall dedicated to an interactive, digital coloring screen. Beginning as a black and white outline, kids can color in the illustration with just the wave of their hands. Gesture-tracking technology allows for multiple users to ‘color’ at the same time, bringing the scene to life.

The Coloring Zone is open before and during the film for kids who don’t quite have the attention span for a full-length film. Cinemark Vice President of Marketing Bryan Jefferies says theaters like this are the next step of creating a better movie experience. These experiences allow for more fun for the kids and less stress for the parents.


Having gesture-tracking technology over touchscreens allows for a more hygienic environment



"The kid-friendly push reflects the increasing importance of the family audience as Hollywood studios spend heavily on animated films."

Bryan Jefferies, Vice President of Marketing at Cinemark

“This interactive wall has transformed our waiting area into a vibrant and engaging space, making our young patients’ visits more enjoyable."

Pediatric Nursing Manager Amy Gunderson, Ascension Via Christi St. Francis

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Every big opportunity starts with a small step forward. We're here to help you! Let’s jump on the phone, say hello and discuss your need, idea or project in a quick 15-minute FIT call. Prefer email? That's cool, too! Drop us a line - we're always happy to connect.



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