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Client Journey Mapping

Client journey mapping allows you to provide your customers, employees, and visitors with very specific experiences with your brand when they are in your building, arena, etc. Working with Dimensional Innovations, we can help you create the best experiences for each and every person who comes through your doors.


As an experiential client journey mapping company, our goal is to help you make sure every part of your customers' experiences are just what you imagined—from the moment they step into your building to when they depart.


Improving Customer Experience

No matter the size of your company, earning and keeping customers all comes down to your company's customer experience (CX). Working with an experiential client journey mapping agency, you can create experiences that elicit emotion or provide entertainment throughout your space. At Dimensional Innovations, it all starts with a discovery session. This is when we learn what your business's goals are for employee, customer, and visitor experiences.

Our team will help by walking you through a journey map of the client experience. During this time, we will discuss what you want your customers and employees to feel or do when they visit, and we can find gaps in the overall experience you are currently providing.

Customer journey mapping consulting allows businesses to consider things like emotional architecture, signage and wayfinding solutions, large-scale graphics, and so much more to help bring about a memorable experience for those who enter the building.

Experiential customer journey mapping is all about designing a fantastic experience. For example, if we work with a corporate headquarters, we sit down and think about how we want your employees to feel when they get off the elevator or leave their desks to go to the breakroom or restroom. We focus on the employees' overall experience by breaking down different interactions and experiences they will have in all parts of the building as they go about their workday.

Leveraging our knowledge, we can help your team determine when gaps are present and find unique solutions. Have you changed your store's layout, and now people are constantly going to the wrong part of the store, causing frustration? Maybe new signage and wayfinding will help make the overall experience better for your customers. And our team can use a few tricks to make the signage stand out while staying true to your existing branding.

Other common customer experience pieces we like to include are creative pops of color and large digital screens. With a digital component, we can incorporate relevant content in creative ways. Telling your brand's history or mission has never been easier, and our video production team can bring your story to life for you.

To learn more about our client journey mapping services, contact our team today. Our team is ready to help you create remarkable experiences for your guests along their entire customer journey, and it all starts when they open the door.


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Get In Touch With Our Experts

Every big opportunity starts with a small step forward. We're here to help you! Let’s jump on the phone, say hello and discuss your need, idea or project in a quick 15-minute FIT call. Prefer email? That's cool, too! Drop us a line - we're always happy to connect.



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