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Corporate Headquarters

Don’t settle for a drab corporate headquarters. Instead, bring excitement to your space that both employees and visitors will enjoy. When you work with Dimensional Innovations, we will help you create a headquarters you will want to show off. Combining branding with out-of-the-box ideas, you can be sure that your headquarters is a showstopper.


Our team uses innovative concepts to help bring every headquarters design to the next level. Whether it is creating a conference room equipped with the best technology for meeting with clients or showing off your company history in an interactive way, Dimensional Innovations is up for the challenge.

Corporate Headquarters Design

The first step in any project with Dimensional Innovations is the discovery phase. During these initial meetings, our goal is to listen to your challenges, ideas, and goals. This will help our team start developing a concept that will bring a new life to your corporate headquarters. A big part of the job is making a connection with both your visitors and employees.

As we work with your team, we will discuss the things that are important to your company and what your brand really stands for to help determine what elements we should incorporate into the design. Once we know more about your space and what you are looking for, we will start to put things together and present you with a design. At this point, we work through design changes with the whole team and prepare for the building and installation phase.

After the design is finalized, we get to work creating all of the elements that we will need to bring your vision to life. For some headquarters designs, this means building large installation pieces, like the milk splash sculpture we made for the Dairy Farmers of America, and developing any technological components. Once this work is completed, it is time to implement each element into your headquarters.

Working with Dimensional Innovations, you can incorporate numerous features into your new headquarters design. Tell your company’s story in a digital, interactive format, or showoff an impressive LED-lit version of your logo. We can create nearly anything you can think of in our Innovation Lab.

When Wilson Sporting Goods reached out for help designing their new 90,000-square-foot headquarters in downtown Chicago, we were tasked with creating different “neighborhoods” within the building with different sports-focused theming, using many of the products that Wilson has created in the last 100+ years. One of the best examples of this is the wall featuring images of famous athletes formed out of golf tees.

Throughout the building, you will see various textures and different types of spaces ranging from open areas for collaboration to individual conference rooms. A game room with a ping pong table and shuffleboard gives employees a great place to play and socialize with their coworkers. We also created an employee wall that features each employee with their own personalized baseball card.

At the H&R Block Headquarters in Kansas City, we were able to help redesign a lobby that sees 20,000 visitors a day. H&R Block wanted to create a vibrant consumer-facing space that included larger-than-life elements, creative lighting, and unique textures. This design is set to showcase H&R Block as a company of the future.

As a corporate headquarters design company, our team has vast experience developing professional but fun business spaces. Check out the work we have done for other corporate headquarters.

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Get In Touch With Our Experts

Every big opportunity starts with a small step forward. We're here to help you! Let’s jump on the phone, say hello and discuss your need, idea or project in a quick 15-minute FIT call. Prefer email? That's cool, too! Drop us a line - we're always happy to connect.



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