With the emergence of esports as a powerhouse in competitive athletics, understanding how to develop and future-proof professional gaming teams to extend franchises is key. With the Minnesota Timberwolves’ (NBA) acquisition of T-Wolves Gaming (NBA2K), owners needed a way to attract and train esports athletes, while expanding audience viewership to digital-native fans. Physical infrastructure in a digital sport provide legitimacy and foster longevity, allowing both athletes and fans to connect on a localized level with each other and achieve the ultimate goal: make everyone a fan.

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The T-Wolves Gaming esports facility drafts off of three dynamics: 1) the popularity of the NBA 2K league, 2) the procurement of a high-visibility space in proximity to the NBA team’s practice facility and 3) the need for physical space to train athletes and validate the sport. Located centrally to both the NBA and WNBA training facilities, Dimensional Innovations partnered with T-Wolves gaming to give them a comprehensive and fully-equipped practice facility that satisfied each of these elements. The primary gaming facility space is complimented with locker rooms, conference and video replay space, leadership offices, player lounges and lobbies to create a holistic experience. Each design element effectively communicates the T-Wolves brand and makes a cohesive, unique and exciting experience — for both athletes and visiting fans.


Coming off the heels of a NBA2K Championship win, the T-Wolves are doing amazing work. Their popularity has flourished underneath their talent and franchise — both developed underneath the built space of their home facility. “”Have no doubt, eSports is exploding and here to stay,” said Ted Johnson, CSO of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx. “As the NBA seeks to engage all parts of its fan base, the NBA 2K League is connecting with a younger demographic of fans who experience basketball through video games. Just as the WNBA and our G League created exciting new spaces, eSports is another way to build relationships with fans across the globe who are united by one thing. Their love of basketball.”

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