With audiences actively seeking experiences that are own-able and authentic, companies are inherently held to a higher standard of storytelling. Mike Patterson, owner of the Historic Harley-Davidson Topeka dealership, enlisted the help of Dimensional Innovations for the design and build of this historic museum to create an “experience where people not only learned about Evel, but understood how he lived.”

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Combining expert storytelling and technology, we set out to create a 4D virtual reality daredevil jump and interactive displays to bring the true Evel Knievel legacy to life. In order to develop an authentic VR experience, our innovation team replicated one of Evel’s greatest stunts: a high-speed and heart-stopping motorcycle ramp jump over a barricade of 16 police vehicles.

“We knew there was no better way to celebrate and learn about Evel Knievel’s legacy than to BECOME Evel Knievel and ride a motorcycle over a barricade of cars.” — JC Hendricks, Creative Director

We hired Doug Danger, current daredevil and stunt artist, to strap on a carbon fiber vehicle helmet with a custom-made 360 degree camera rig to capture his view above the crowds while duplicating this incredible stunt in real life for virtual video footage.

Marrying the captured video with a VR headset and a replica 74 Enduro Harley, rumble technology and wind machines, we successfully made it possible for Evel Knievel fans to not just learn about Evel, but become him.

In addition to the VR jump experience and injury-explorer interactive displays, the museum, exhibits six of Knievel’s bikes, more than a dozen of his original leather costumes, helmets, fan letters, X-Rays, photos, and Knievel’s custom-built 1974 Mack Truck “Big Red.”


Drawing over 100,000 visitors each year, the Evel Knievel Museum has become a huge success. Named by USA Today as one of the Top 5 Best New Attractions and a question on Who Want To Be Millionaire, people from across the country are flocking to experience the daredevil jump and witness the Evel Knievel legend brought to life.

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